Nothing bits the breathtaking sceneries of New Zealand. With less than 2 hours drive from Christchurch city to Lake Tekapo,  we had a great time together with our lovely couple Melvin & Josephine.

It was not our first visit to this country. This time we traveled in Kiwi’s style, driving a rented campervan from spot to spot. It was kind of challenging as we were not aware of the campervan’s bumpiness that we can’t even sit at the built-in lounge area during the drive, neither making a coffee from its pantry too.

We had 2 days shooting plan. The first day we focused on places around Lake Tekapo.  These photos seem taken under a warm sunshine temperature but actually the weather was just nice. Besides that, we are also lucky enough to have a vintage Volkswagen van as a prop for free. Trust me, that wasn’t part of the plan. It belongs to a random tourist from the US who happened just stop by at the spot that we were about to shoot. We spent 5 minutes taking photos with the van and the rest of the day was shooting around that unforgettable Tiffany Blue tone lake. 


The second-day shooting was even more exciting. Melvin & Josephine always dreamed to have their photo session together with these famous cute alpacas. It requires a prebook session with this farm. “Check Out Here” We joined the tour with other visitors where the staff gave us an introduction about the farm before we were all released to meet those alpacas. We had 30mins for the photoshoot. Those alpacas were so cute and friendly.


People say you will get great photos taking even on the roadside. Indeed, that is so true! The above photo was taken on the roadside after we left the farm. You will not notice it if I don’t mention it here. Isn’t that such a magnificent view? Please take note of safety too as we had seen quite a number of huge trucks on the road.

And next, we were too hungry so we stopped by a cafe-restaurant nearby. Believe it or not, that wasn’t part of the plan too, we got much better scenery at the restaurant’s outdoor dining. Without any hesitation, we granted approval to take photos with the following views and of-cause our ordered foods became our best props.



Another famous spot for photos in the city is the “Punting On The Avon River“. We arrived in the late afternoon and it was the golden hour for the photoshoot. Melvin and Josephine booked a private punt rider for the photoshoot. We had about 45mins for the session. The punter very helpful, punting back and forth towards the spots as I directed. It was fun as I was running up and down, hop on and off the punt just to get the right shots.

We wrapped up our second day photoshoot with some casual shots on the street as we heading back to our campervan. It was another successful oversea pre-wedding photo session and all these will not happen without the patience our lovely couple.